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Hook extractor tool

Hook extractor tool

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You love to fish but getting fish off the hook is hard enough for you? Use our hook extractor! 

If you are a sport fisherman, it is important to keep your fish alive, whether they are small or large, to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. 

The best we can do is to release them as soon as possible to reduce their mortality rate. Discover the hook puller, the tool specially designed to unhook fish. 

It's quick and easy to use     

Hook extractor tool
Hook extractor tool

🔶 What it does: In addition to protecting the fish, it's a great tool to keep your fingers off the hook to avoid any accidents. 

🔶 How it works. Its device has a rounded-edge pin to ensure you don't hurt your catch or fishing line while removing the hook. The comfortable T-shaped handle is easy to pull. It allows you to unhook the fish with one hand.

🔶 On the safety front: no longer fear sharp-toothed fish, such as trout and snapper, the hook remover will keep your fingers off the hooks.

How to proceed with this hook extractor?

Remove those pesky hooks more easily, removing the hooks with less damage to the fish.

This allows the angler to release the fish into the water without hassle. Anodized aluminum has good resistance to corrosion and salt water. The ergonomic plastic handle provides a comfortable grip. 


  • Anodized aluminum

  • One-handed operation 

  • More secure

  • Remove the hooks  

  • Less damage  


  • One hook puller         

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