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High pressure cleaning tool for car

High pressure cleaning tool for car

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Do you spend a lot of money on car washes? 

Here is a great alternative to save your money and use a tool to clean the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle! 

In fact, washing a car with a cleaning gun costs much less than going out to wash a car outside. 

Compared to the traditional car washing method, our high pressure gun can be used with a small amount of detergent to get a good washing effect and especially for hard to clean parts. 

Cleaning car seats, carpets, plastics inside your car will become much easier.     

High pressure cleaning tool for car
High pressure cleaning tool for car

🔶 Use: Unlike traditional cleaning equipment, the cleaning gun offers the advantage of being time saving and very effective. Use it for interior cleaning with interior cleaning products. By spraying and lightly rubbing, leather, velvet or faux leather stains can be removed, with a much faster and increased cleaning efficiency.

🔶 Operation: The cleaning gun does not damage the surface being cleaned. The handle has a highly polished nickel-metal coating and is stainless

🔶 What is it used for? Clean car seats, carpets, plastics inside your car as well as wheels, hoods and seals outside. Very low wear and tear and very low maintenance. 

Instructions for use 

The cleaning gun is connected to the air source, which causes the circular tube to rotate at high speed over the bell-shaped opening of the cleaning machine, with a pressure of 6.5 to 9.2 kg.

The centrifugal forceresulting from the rotation evacuates the air in the center and forms a powerful air stream to atomize the detergent.

The atomized detergent is attached to the colored parts to completely separate the dye molecules on the surface.    


  • Dimension : 6.35 mm 

  • Working pressure: 6-9.2 kg  

  • Working temperature: 10-40 ° 

  • Materials: ABS + aluminum alloy   


  • 1* High pressure cleaning tool  

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