HD 3 in 1 ear cleaner

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Are you afraid to clean your ears? This device will help you do it more properly. 

The 3-in-1 multifunction HD ear cleaner helps you clean your ears without hurting them. This HD ear cleaner is a special device that helps you to clean your ears in a safer way.

HD 3 in 1 ear cleaner
HD 3 in 1 ear cleaner

🔶 The ear cleaner can be compatible with Android 4.2+ / IOS 8.0+ . So you can use with your smartphone.

🔶 This machine intended for ear cleaning is also suitable for your pet (dogs, cats, etc).

Your cleaner features a USB, Micro-USB, and Type-C input in a cord. It comes in a kit that includes: an earpiece, an ear stick, a cleaning cloth, gloves and a user manual.

Thanks to an electronic micro camera, you can observe the entire wax collection process in real time via a USB cable.


  • Lens diameter: 5.5mm

  • System: Android, XP, Win7, Win8, Vista

  • Photo format: JPEG


  • 1 x HD 3 In 1 Ear Cleaner

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