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Hands Free Bottle Holder

Hands Free Bottle Holder

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An ideal solution for breastfeeding? 

Feeding your baby has never been easier! The hands-free bottle holder allows your baby to feed or drink milk without having to hold the bottle. The product features interlocking nipples attached to a straw that connects to the bottle, allowing your baby to sit or move comfortably while feeding. It's also leak-free and prevents air build-up that can cause colic, gas and discomfort for your baby. With this product, bottle feeding your baby will be a breeze!Hands Free Bottle HolderHands Free Bottle Holder

🔶 Antispasmodic: With the bottle holder, your child can control the amount of liquid he or she ingests without drinking too much. This results in less tummy aches. Studies have shown that most digestive problems in infants are the result of over or under nutrition.

🔶 Super convenient: This bottle gives your child the freedom to drink milk on their own without having to hold it for long periods of time (a caregiver must always be present with the child). The bottle is specifically designed to give the feeling of natural breastfeeding.

🔶 Hands-free system: great for travel and busy moms who need a free hand or need to feed twins. Convenient for feeding baby while in a carrier, swing, car seat or when pushed in a stroller. The hands-free starter kit allows for feeding babies in an upright position and is easily washed by hand or with a brush.


Leak-free venting technology is clinically proven to reduce air build-up associated with colic. It is also proven to reduce gas and ear infections. This bottle holder is approved for babies over 3 months of age with a double vented nipple. It keeps air out to promote a comfortable feeding experience.


  • Material : P.P.

  • Capacity: 300ml

  • Handle : No

  • Type : Baby Bottle                              


  • 1 × Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder

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