Grinding Disc with 22-Tooth Chain

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Do you like woodworking?

If you like woodworking, then go for this grinder disc with a 22-tooth chain. It is the only one in its class that can do this.

This tool is increasingly used by construction professionals and wood carvers. The success of this chain grinder is due to the fact that it can handle all types of wood.

accessoire tronconneuse
accessoires pour meuleuse d angle
accessoires pour tronçonneuses
achat lames bois

🔶 Quick and easy: carry out all kinds of carpentry work safely. This tool is easy to install and pleasant to use

🔶 Smooth finished surface. Perfect for resharpening. Compatible with 100 mm and 115 mm angle grinders.

🔶 No matter what the branch or grain, this tool cuts wood without any difficulty. Used at all angles.

🔶 It can cut other types of materials such as hard rubber, ice and rigid plastics.

For all your woodwork, choose this 10 cm sanding disc! Try it out and make it your best ally today for DIY and a job well done!


  • Safe, fast, easy and complete

  • Easy to install

  • Smooth, finished surface


  • 1* Grinding Disc with 22 teeth

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