Frameless wall clock

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Are you looking for the perfect complement to your living room decor? 
This wall clock is perfect for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, restaurants, offices, hotels. It is a wonderful gift for family and friends.

It is not only an elegant and stylish wall clock, but also a DIY fun for the family. You can choose the position and size of the clock as you like.

This silent clock will give you a quiet night, minimize energy consumption and effectively extend the life of the movement.

Frameless wall clock
Frameless wall clock

🔶  Adopt this unique and original decoration. You can offer it to your loved ones, but also install it at home. This clock is suitable for all interior spaces.   

horloge monster

🔶 Package includes self-adhesive stickers and an auxiliary scale ruler for easy installation. Each of the mirrors has a protective film, please tear off after installation

horloge murale collante


  • Material : Acrylic

  • Colour : Black/Silver/Gold    

  • Size : Take a size that fits between 93.98 centimeters and 119.38 centimeters  

  • Unique Design : Contains all types of dinosaurs  


  • 1 * Frameless wall clock     

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