Full coverage foundation

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Are you having trouble finding the right foundation that won't damage your skin and make it pop?   

This new full coverage foundation is both revolutionary in its formula and truly effective in its coverage. It's soft, velvety and blurs every line or imperfection for a truly filtering effect.  

This full-coverage foundation is designed in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones, ages and genders. 

This product works very well in thin layers. So there's no need to blend it in to get good results. All you need is one pump and you're ready for the day.  

Full coverage foundation
Full coverage foundation

🔶 FULL COVERAGE:Perfect for covering acne scars, dark spots and age spots on the face. It easily erases dark circles under the eyes and gives a beautiful color that looks completely natural.

🔶 A WIDE RANGE OF SHADES: Over 10 shades, perfect for all skin tones, ages and genders. The amazing foundation that creates a beautiful matte color with a vibrant texture that looks completely natural day or night.

🔶 LONG-LASTING FORMULA: This full-coverage foundation is completely waterproof and sweatproof, staying put all day without clumping or cracking.


This full coverage foundation is for all skin types and can still provide you with great results. This means that no harsh chemicals are used to damage, break out, or severely injure your skin. This makes it a better long-term solution to use in your daily life. It covers twice as much without using much. With just one pump, you can get full facial coverage without clumping.  


  • Can last up to 24 hours  

  • Perfectly conceals tattoos and birthmarks  

  • Quantity : 30 ml  

  • Color: Porcelain (#101), Neutral (#102), Warm Peach (#103), 

    Buff Beige(#104), Sand (#105), Bright Sun (#106), Honey (#107),  

    Rusty Brown (#108), Mocha (#109), Truffle (#110) 


  • * Full Coverage Foundation                                             

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