Foldable 3 level storage for handbag

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Are your handbags lying around your house?  

This handy purse organizer is a great versatile storage solution for your frequently used clothing accessories, purses and more. 

Durable and functional, this organizer is perfect for saving space in your closet or wardrobe. Specially designed for storing tote bags, purses and handbags, it's easy to use with convenient side openings and a sturdy metal hook!    

Simply hang it on the back of any door and your purses will be safe and easily accessible when needed! This handbag organizer is a must-have for any well-dressed woman!  

Foldable 3 level storage for handbag
Foldable 3 level storage for handbag

🔶 Meticulous craftsmanship : Non-woven fabric allows free breathing to prevent mildew and moisture. Dense sewing thread provides greater strength to the backing for extended use.

🔶 Foldable and portable : This 3 tier handbag storage folds up compactly for storage when not in use. It is also suitable for travel to organize your personal belongings at the hotel.

🔶 Clear PVC Window : Crystal clear design and practical folder style make it easy to see and choose the right bag for every occasion.


This folding 3 tiered purse storage box features two sides and six compartments to neatly organize your purses, clothes, towels and other accessories, while protecting them from dust and scratches, and keeping them clean and wrinkle-free. The sturdy metal hook on the storage box has a strong load capacity. It is also rust and corrosion resistant.   

Features :

  • Materials : Fabric and PVC

  • Dimensions : 90 x 35 x 35 cm  

  • Number of layers : 3  

  • Number of compartments : 6 large individual pockets    

Content :

  • 1 *Foldable 3 level storage for handbag     

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