Floating pool hammock

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Summer is coming you want to enjoy your days in the pool but how?  

The Floating Pool Hammock allows you to easily float in the water and relax. Read, chat, enjoy your favorite drink on this floating hammock. You can inflate and deflate it quickly and easily.

Floating pool hammock
Floating pool hammock

🔶 Experience that wonderful feeling and get an easy tan while standing on the water. You will love this pool hammock.

🔶 This hammock can support a maximum load of 200kg. It is super convenient and can bring you super buoyancy with its ergonomic & comfortable design.

Your pool hammock is available in several colors and is suitable for young and old. Don't forget to take it with you to the pool or to the sea. Just roll it up and put it in your bag. 

You can float on the water, enjoy the sun, feel the cool world, and relax in this wonderful moment. It is the essential accessory in summer.


  • Material: PVC

  • Color: Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink

  • Size: About 130cm x 73cm


  • 1x Floating Pool Hammock  

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