Fluffy Blanket Hoodie

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Stay comfortably warm during the winter with this Comfortable Hooded Blanket ! 

This hoodie, with extra wide sleeves, also has agiant hood and a large front pocket. Put it on to feel warm, no matter where you are.

Fleece blanket sweater
Fleece blanket sweater

🔶 A fluffy blanket to offer

Offer this hoodie to your family and friends to make them happy. It is suitable for birthdays, anniversaries and even for Christmas. Do not hesitate to find the model that suits your loved ones.

🔶 Very comfortable

 With its soft and fluffy texture, this blanket hoodie allows you to move and make all the movements. Indeed, your hands are not completely covered. This hoodie does not drag on the ground and is therefore very comfortable.  

🔶 Easy to clean

The fluffy hoodie can be washed by machine, but also by hand. However, it should be dried at low temperature. This way it will remain soft, even after washing. 

We recommend this hoodie blanket for your TV evenings, or your family game sessions or during campsites. You can also use it for different events such as sports meetings. Of course, this sweater fits in any bag.

This Blanket hoodie fits all sizes. It is also suitable for women, men and even children.


  • Ample and comfortable  

  • One size fits all   

  • Unisex, polyester, cotton    


  • 1 x Blanket Hoodie   

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