Flashing cycling vest

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Ensure your safety during your bike rides with this vest. 

This vest is recommended for cycling enthusiasts. You can wear it day and night. It flashes and is fluorescent. Do not hesitate to wear it for cycling.  

Flashing cycling vest
Flashing cycling vest

🔶 It is suitable for cycling, biking or walking. It has a power saving function and is rechargeable with its USB rechargeable function.    

🔶 You can order it easily because the vest has no wires. All you have to do is link your transmitter to your bike so you don't have to adjust it anymore. The signal from the vest does not interfere with any signal. 

This vest has a built-in lithium battery. This makes the charging process easier.   


  • Suitable for: cycling, travel, hiking...   

  • Types: Lighting, warning and safety   

  • Transmission: 3 m  

  • Material: Waterproof Nylon   

  • Battery: 650 mAH (rechargeable)  

  • Dimensions : 24 x 24 x 16 cm  

  • Flashing: Right, Left, Straight, Off   


  • 1 x Flashing Bike Vest 

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