Fitness trainer

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Strengthen your entire body with our home fitness trainer!     

You can do ab exercises easily, intensely but lightly. 

Do only 5 minutes workouts a day and you will get excellent results.

The fitness trainer is complete, well-made, ergonomic and reliable. 

 It will provide you with an exceptionally convenient experience.      

Fitness trainer
Fitness trainer

🔶 Efficiency: multiple muscles are trained at the same time, abdominal muscles, arms, back, thighs, shoulders and glutes.

🔶 How to use: It has one or more back, buttocks, ankles, shoulders or any other bands that will provide you with the right level of endurance.It is ideal for athletic men and women. It helps to smooth out the muscles and burn the fat from your body. 

🔶 Compatibility: With the long passing bands, you will be able to increase your strength, power, explosiveness and flexibility. With a soft rubber handle, it is very comfortable and convenient to use anytime and anywhere. 

Why choose our complete fitness trainer? 

The auxiliary tension rope offers 5 types of adjustable strength. 

This trainer is suitable for people of different strengths.

Men, women or children can use it step by step. 

Use it for running, aerobics, hand, foot, arm and leg muscles, boxing etc. 

It is ideal for general shaping for fitness and weight training.  


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