Fishing net 6 holes

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Your fishing net remains untouched by any fish when you have been waiting for several hours? 

The 6-hole fishing net is one of the best known devices for one-man bait catching. This product is easy to use from a deck, pier, boat or any other place on the water. Even kids can use them and have a blast.

Pull in live bait without even getting your feet wet. This umbrella net can be used at any depth to catch fish and crayfish. Simply lower it from an elevated position, such as a dock or boat, and wait for unsuspecting fish to swim over. When they do, quickly pull the net up to secure your catch. 

Fishing net 6 holes
Fishing net 6 holes

🔶 Easy operation: Our 6 hole fishing net is portable and lightweight. It is convenient and simple to use, no need for a big setup. Just pull the top string and the net will open automatically.

🔶 Strong and Durable: Combining high quality nylon net and high quality steel frame, our fishing trap net is strong, sturdy and durable. It features a bottom mesh opening to conveniently place bait ous take out prey.

🔶 Minimal effort required: just leave the fishing net in the water for only 15 minutes, then set up your lines. No effort required, a convenient way to catch fresh live bait.


This 6-hole fishing net allows you to catch a wide variety of seafood. It is suitable for both salt and fresh water. The holes are designed to catch all types of fish and also crustaceans such as shrimp, crayfish, crabs and even lobsters. They are perfect for seasonal fishing and hard to catch fish with a line.


  • Material: Nylon    

  • Number of holes : 6        

  • Hole diameter : 90 cm   


  • 1 * Fishing net 6 holes   

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