Fishing knot tying tool

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Do you have difficulty tying the fishing knot? How can you do it without hurting yourself? This will be of great help to you. 

You won't have any trouble tying your fishing knots. That's because this Fishing Knot TyingTool comes in a holster. While doing so, you can take care of the rotating ring and tie the line more easily.

This tool is ideal for freshwater, open water and ice fishing. It includes a bottle opener and doubles as a key chain. It also has a line cutter.  

Fishing knot tying tool

🔶 This accessory is ideal for tying and attaching the line to the hook. It is also possible to make a Bimini Twist. In addition, you can also store your hook in the fishing knot tying tool.

🔶 This way you can keep your fishing gear in a safe place and be sure it won't hurt your kids or get caught on certain objects like the net or even your clothes.

This fishing knot tying tool is suitable for standard 4/0 hooks as well as 3/0 circle hooks. You can use it with flies, swivels and snap-on fishing clips.

The fishing knot attachment tool eliminates fishing bites. Hook barbs are protected in the housing, while a rotating ring on your finger makes twisting the line easier.


  • Materials: ABS plastic, metal


  • 1 x Fishing Knot Tying Tool  

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