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Face lifting mask for double chin

Face lifting mask for double chin

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Need to refine your face while reducing excess fat?   

This face lift mask contains rich essence ingredients that can help moisturize your skin, repair and stimulate cell regeneration, improve rough and dry skin problems.   

It can also help to firm and lift the skin of your jaws and cheeks to give the face a V shape and improve the facial contours to create a perfect shape 

Face lifting mask for double chin
Face lifting mask for double chin

🔶 Slim V-shaped face: Reduces wrinkles and double chin, improves jaw muscles, prevents cheeks from sagging. The face lift mask helps you regain a radiant and fresh look.

🔶 Promote Absorption: V-Jaw Slimming Mask helps moisturize and retain skin hydration, repairs and stimulates cell regeneration, which helps improve rough and dry skin problems.

🔶 Premium & Reusable: Made of high quality silicone, safe for the skin, non-toxic and without rubber smell, it is reusable and can also be used as a vaporizing face mask when bathing!


As we age, the skin on the face loses its elasticity. Containing rich essence, this lifting mask can prevent facial fibers from turning into fatty tissue, thus pushing back the fatty face caused by obesity and making the facial repair perfectly curved. 

This mask has a prolonged action to firm the chin and restore your skin. Use it for up to 8 hours and it will give you a visible lift, hydrate and refresh the skin.


  • Type : Thin mask for the face 

  • Results : Face lift / Anti-wrinkle  

  • Concerns: Anti-wrinkle, Facial shape 

  • Colour : White

  • Skin type : All skin types 


  • 3 * Face lift masks                

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