Express Steam Steamer

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Ironing your clothes takes time it bores you?    

 Then our "express steam iron" is the solution for you!   

With our Express Steam Iron: enjoy perfect instant ironing thanks to the power of its sprayer, a modern sprayer designed for all types of clothes (shirt, jeans, jacket, sweater, and much more...)


In only 80 seconds of heating, get a constant and powerful steam flow for an optimal ironing capacity to obtain clean and neat clothes almost instantly. Iron, clean, sterilize and dampen fabrics in just minutes.

 It's the only model in its class that offers this kind of performance!   

Express Steam Steamer
Express Steam Steamer

🔶  Utility:This steam ironer is ideal for those who travel or have little time to iron. In fact, it takes less than 80 seconds to heat up and ready to use immediately thanks to its advanced technology!  

🔶  How it works? : It is easy and simple to use! Just press a button to turn this device on. Then hang the clothes on a hanger and slide the steamer over the fabric while making a slow motion. Your clothes will be wrinkled in a few moments! 

🔶 Compatibility: Also, this steam steamer fits all types of fabrics making your task simple to do! You will no longer risk burning your clothes made of delicate fabrics. You can iron without damage with this steam ironer. It is even suitable for ironed sheets and tablecloths. 


The Express Steam Iron is a complete appliance designed to save you time, and because of its speed, it is the ideal tool for those who like to simplify their lives!

No need to wear wrinkled clothes while traveling! 

Whether it's thin or thick, it's ideal for ironing all types of fabrics: cotton, nylon and others. 

Perfectly smooth all types of clothes and linens: coats, curtains, rugs and more. 

It is a multifunctional device: it smoothes, irons, sterilizes, neutralizes odors and eliminates dust mites.       


  • Weight: 450 g  

  • Material: ABS  

  • Color: blue and white

  • Dimensions: 29 x 15 x 8 cm     

  • Voltage: 220 – 1500 W  

  • Water capacity : 100 ml  


  • 1* Steam Steamer                 

  • 4* Brushes  

  • 1* Water filler

  • 1* Storage bag  

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