Express folding table laundry

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Do you have laundry piled up at home that you simply don't have the energy to fold neatly?  

With this folding board, it only takes seconds to fold all your shirts, sweaters and pants into one evenly sized stack and effortlessly stack them in your closet or wardrobe. You can easily fold shirts up to size XXL and larger t-shirts.

The folder includes instructions that explain how to fold clothes in a few easy steps. This way, all your clothes can fit effortlessly in your closet without wasting time or energy.

Express folding table laundry
Express folding table laundry

🔶 EASY TO USE: So simple and easy to use, you place clothes around the contours of the board and then flip them over to position them, producing uniform creases. Teach kids and staff how to use it and you won't look back.

🔶 LIGHT AND PORTABLE:This folding board is ideal for packing. Its lightness allows you to take it everywhere you go. No more wrinkled clothes on vacation and more space in your suitcase.

🔶 HIGH QUALITY: The linen folding table is made of improved ecological PP materials, special materials, durable, high tenacity and high ductility.


The appearance of a garment when folded with the folding board looks like it came straight out of a gift box or a luxury store. If you are a retailer, manufacturer or work in the fashion or apparel industry, this tool is essential and could change your business, saving you time and money.  


  • Material: Plastic

  • Size: 48 * 40cm / 18,9 * 15,75 "  

  • Weight : 310g  


  • 1 * Folding board for clothes  

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