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Do you waste time manually smearing cement during your work?   

The mortar machine is a new generation of construction gun for professional spraying of cement, water slurry, lime slurry, waterproof mortar and other fine materials with an efficiency multiplier!    

It can be used to apply plaster, small scale shotcrete, paper-concrete, earth mixes, house plastering, traditional one and three coat stucco, GFRC and stamped concrete. You can also use it for a stucco fence and to help build organic sculptures. 

This cement sprayer is a great tool to speed up your construction process and save you labor!   

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🔶 Easy to use : It is very convenient to spray by pressing the handle, 4-hole spray allows quick and even spray on the wall, saving time and effort, saving more water and spraying materials.

🔶 Sturdy material : The gypsum sprayer is made of high quality stainless steel, which is not only structurally sound, but also guaranteed for life against rust. It is lightweight and compact, so you can carry it with you.

🔶 4-Jet Stucco Spray Gun : It is equipped with 4 nozzles suitable for your job and an air compressor, which is very useful for traditional plastering jobs. This mortar spray gun can replace 10 manpower.


This sprayer is a great tool to speed up your construction process and save labor! You can use it with air compressors to spray mortar, plaster, gypsum, small shotcrete, soil mix and much more.  

Features :

  • Materials : stainless steel + copper 

  • Valve pressure : 120 PSI, deliver up to 100 CFM

  • Valve : Includes 1/2" female swivel, 1/4" air cap with 3/8" NPT male  

  • Quantity of spray hole : 4 pieces  

  • Spray hole size : 18 mm  

  • Working air pressure : 4 to 6 ATM

  • Suggested air compressor : 3 HP

  • Suggested air compressor exhaust volume : 0.6 M / min

  • Distance between wall and mortar sprayer : Maximum 50 to 100 mm

  • Suitable use : stucco, cement, water slurry, lime slurry,

    waterproof mortar and other thin spray construction materials 

  • Item size : 770 * 225 * 210mm / 30.31 * 8.86 * 8.27in  

  • Item weight : 2.0 kg / 4.41 lb  

Content :

  • 1 * Coating machine Express                                                                               

  • 1 * Manual in English

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