Expandable table tennis net

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Are you a big fan of table tennis or ping pong?

The portable retractable table tennis net lives up to its name and turns any hard surface into a table tennis court. Take a trip with your friends, add some rackets, balls and your own portable retractable ping pong net and say goodbye to boredom!

The compact, ergonomic design makes it easy to store in your travel bag without getting tangled. When work stresses build up, take a break, grab your buddy, secure the net and hit a ball through the net. Even if you don't have a racquet, your palms work just fine! Give it to a contractor friend or a sports-crazy buddy.

Expandable table tennis net
Expandable table tennis net

🔶 PLAY PING-PONG ANYWHERE: Adjustable length spring clip portable ping pong nets for playing table tennis on any table without a ping pong net.

🔶 SPRING CLIP SYSTEM: Just tighten the post, the spring tap under the net can be gently clipped onto the table surface;

🔶 VERY FIT FOR NORMATIC PING-PONG NETS: Retractable table tennis net fits tables and surfaces up to 1.96 inches thick and extends up to 2 meters long.


The table tennis net adopts the wave design, in accordance with that of the human hand, stretching is more convenient and economical. The large jaw has strong biting pressure, it is firm and non-slip. It can be installed stably on a table less than 5cm thick. The length of the net can be freely contracted and is easy to carry.


  • Woven from high quality nylon mesh 

  • High density and high tensile strength

  • Weight : 360 g

  • Dimensions : 13 cm x 19 cm


  • 1 x Expandable table tennis net 

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