Expandable office chair cover

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Do you want to give your office chair a facelift?

Opt for elastic cotton fabric, fit your chair well, easy to remove and wash!

Office chair cover can ideally prevent the chair from being scratched or covered with dust, special texture, and also can transform the old office chair, retro variety of patterns, allowing you to transform the office has more choices.

Expandable office chair cover
Expandable office chair cover

🔶 Easy to put on: Just gently slide the cover over the seat, the elastic edge will keep it stable and secure. 

🔶 Machine washable: You can just as easily remove and clean it by simply throwing it in the washing machine. It's that simple!

🔶 Best chair protector: soft and comfortable fabric covers the tears, nicks and damaged edges of your old chairs. They'll be restored to their original condition.


Different from the single color chair cover, these models are decorated with beautiful patterns. A fresh color with exquisite patterns on this cover could give your chair a stylish and attractive look! Use these covers, give your chair a new look!


  • Universal chair cover.

  • Material: stretch cotton fabric

  • Size :

          -  Backrest height: 35 - 42 cm.

          - Backrest width: 36 - 43 cm.

          - Length of cushion cover: 40 - 50 cm.

          - Width of the cover of the cushion: 40 - 50 


  • 1 * Expandable cover for office chair 

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