Exfoliating cleansing face and body rotating brush

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How can you effectively get rid of dead skin cells? How to make it softer and more supple? Here is the solution!

This brush allows you to wash your face andbody thoroughly without scrubbing. The 5-in-1 rotating brushhelps you clean your face and body and exfoliates your skin.

Exfoliating cleansing face and body rotating brush
Exfoliating cleansing face and body rotating brush

🔶 It runs on 4 batteries and is water resistant. So you can easily use it in the shower. The speed of rotation is suitable for all situations. You just need to turn on the brush and use it according to your convenience.

🔶 It should be noted that this brush is much more effective than a washcloth a simple brush. This 5-in-1 Face and Body Rotary Brush will become the must-have accessory in your bathroom.

Here are 5 types of brushes available with this device :


  • Powered by AA batteries (not included)

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • 5 different brushes, 2 speeds

  • Compact and lightweight (206g) 


  • 1x Face Cleansing Brush

  • 5x interchangeable brush heads 

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