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Elephant plush toy for baby

Elephant plush toy for baby

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Does your child instantly demand your presence and refuse to play with his toys?  

This animated plush elephant flaps his ears and sings to entertain and make your baby laugh.

The main concern of parents is the safety of their children. So give them a product they can trust. This plush elephant is made from premium materials and is extremely comfortable, completely safe for your baby.

Elephant plush toy for baby
Elephant plush toy for baby

🔶 High quality

The plush toy is made from an extremely soft and very comfortable material that is pleasant to the touch.  

🔶 Two modes of play.

The plush elephant has two exciting game modes that entertain and interact with your family for hours.  


🔶 Creativity

It helps your kids develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity, and keep them entertained for hours.  

🔶 Perfect Gift

Everyone loves this animated elephant plush toy. It will make a perfect gift for your child.  


  • 1.Pour in warm water  

  • 2. Use a neutral cleaning agent.    

  • 3.Rub it gently in the water.  

  • 4. Remove and rinse thoroughly with warm water.  

  • 5. Restore the shape to its original state 

  • 6. Dry it in the sun  

  • 7. Paint it gently.  


  • 1.Put the battery in place.  

  • 2. Press the button on the elephant's legs to turn it on.  


  • Main material: Plush   

  • Size : 30,48 cm 

  • Battery: 3 AA batteries (not included)                                                                              

  • Washable surface 


  • 1 Animated elephant plush                                   

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