Electric Rotating Fly Trap

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Tired of the noises flies make when you sleep?

The electric fly trap is the easiest way to rid any area of mosquitoes. It attracts insects to kill them in seconds.

This rotary fly trap is made of environmentally friendly material, good strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance and long service life. The insect collection tray is easy to clean without any problem.

Electric Rotating Fly Trap
Electric Rotating Fly Trap

🔶 EASY TO USE: Instead of chasing flies with a swatter, let them come to you. Use your own fruit jam as bait to quickly catch hundreds of flies. It's fun and entertaining to watch. 

🔶 SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIAL: High quality plastic material, non-toxic and safe, high efficiency capture. Shockproof and crushproof, don't worry about it breaking in daily use, it can be reused, it is very cost-effective.

🔶 SAFE TO USE: Physical fly traps, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Using physical methods, this fly trap is non-toxic, safe and effective.


Place fruit jam in the five bait stations located on the trap. As the flies feast, the rotating arm sweeps them in. They fly into the collection tray where they die after a few days. Unplug the red cap on the bottom to empty the tray.


  • Material: ABS

  • Type : Refillable Fly Trap    

  • Weight : 650 g


  • 1 * Rotary Electric Fly Trap

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