Electric Paint Gun

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Need a practical tool for interior renovation?

This electric paint gun is mainly used in automobile, furniture, equipment and material, hotel decoration, residential decoration and spraying.

After using the product, please remember to wash it, so as to avoid the paint drying and clogging and affecting the further use.

This electric paint gun uses an all-copper motor, please rest assured.Electric Paint Gun

🔶Adjustable spray gun: this spray gun has an adjustable nozzle, which can be sprayed vertically, horizontally and roundly according to your needs, and a smooth surface to achieve a professional effect. The adjustable valve knob allows you to change the flow of paint, which means you can control the consistency of the paint.

🔶 Lightweight and portable: The weight of the spray gun is only 1.3kg, which is light and very portable. With the help of a 2-meter long power cord, you will be able to access most rooms in the house without any problems.

🔶400W gun: the maximum spray rate of the 400W gun can reach 700 ml/s, which is an ideal tool for spraying ceilings, fences, walls, etc. With adjustable nozzles, three different spray settings and adjustable knobs to adjust the paint flow, this paint gun is perfect for any DIYer.


This electric paint gun is suitable for walls, ceilings, water and solvent based paints, wood and metal paints including emulsion, vinyl, matte, silk, wood preservatives, gloss agents, smooth masonry, primers, enamel, satin, enamel, lacquer, primers, stains, varnishes and professional coating.


  • Type: automatic spray gun

  • Nozzle diameter: 2,5

  • Material: plastic

  • Field of application: multipurpose

  • Spraying distance: 300 (mm)

  • Coating feed method: vacuum type

  • Quantity of spray coating: 700 (ml/s)

  • Power: 400W

  • Weight: 1,3KG


  • 1 x Electric Paint Gun         


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