Electric Massage - Vibrating Ball

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Do you have joint pain in your hands?

This vibrating ball provides gentle vibrations and therapeutic heat in your hands and wrist. This physical therapy ball relieves pain while strengthening your hand and keeping your wrist supported. Use it for relief, prevention and recovery. Enjoy your life pain free and easy!Massage Electrique - Balle VibranteMassage Electrique - Balle Vibrante

🔶 High frequency vibration: 5-speed adjustable vibration mode, from low to high, adjusted according to your own needs, can stimulate the nerves, dilate the blood vessels of the pores, promoting blood circulation and eliminating the numbness effect of the arm.

🔶 Heating: this vibrating massage ball offers faster high efficiency heating. It can effectively penetrate the skin, eliminate hand fatigue caused by long working hours and make your hands full of energy.

🔶 Partial finger design: finger and palm placement can be adjusted freely, and the grip ball can be held more firmly, which is suitable for people with different finger thicknesses.


This vibrating ball is incredibly light, small in size, easy to carry and use. It reduces the load on the hand, suitable for abnormal muscle tension of fingers, hand weakness, finger flexion, hand muscle atrophy, etc... .


  • Diameter of the silicone ball: 7 - 8 cm

  • Power cable : 116 cm

  • Cord length: 80 cm

  • Mode: 5 different types of massage

  • Temperature : About 45° C

  • Strap: adjustable

  • Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes


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