Electric manicure kit 12 pieces

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Would you like to have beautiful nails without ruining yourself? Opt for this manicure kit. 

This Professional Nail Sander allows you to remove cuticles and gel nails easily. It is also handy for polishing dull and brittle nails, and treating corns and calluses. Feel free to add it to your manicure kit.

Electric manicure kit 12 pieces
Electric manicure kit 12 pieces

🔶 The device comes with 6 standard metal tips and 6 sanding strips. This makes it easier for you to shorten, shape, polish and buff your nails.

🔶 Its lightweight and transportable design makes it easy to use. This makes the device suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

The electric sander does not make any noise. It also does not emit any vibration during polishing. So you can use it safely.


  • Materials: Plastic + Electrical components

  • Color: Red/ Black/ White/ Blue  

  • Size: 16 x 2.4 cm  

  • Collet size:  2.4mm  

  • Power: 9W 

  • Speed: 20,000 tours/minute  

  • Voltage: 110V - 240V  

  • Plug: USB  


  • 1 Electric Nail Sander

  • 6 Sanding belts 

  • 6 Bits with 5 diamond bits + emery board   

  • 1 USB cable

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