Electric liquid transfer pump

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Do you travel a lot and often run out of gas? This tool will help you. 

This electric Liquid Transfer Pump will help you transfer liquid from one container to another. You avoid manual siphoning which will allow you to have a better transfer of the liquid. 

It is also effective for transferring gas, water or any other non-corrosive product.

Electric liquid transfer pump
Electric liquid transfer pump

🔶 No more manual siphoning Sometimes it can be difficult and dangerous to transfer gasoline directly from a canister to the tank. This electric Liquid Transfer Pump allows you to avoid this. This pump transfers over 3 liters per minute automatically. 

🔶 Automatic buzzerand automatic shut-off.An auto buzzer sounds when the tank is full and the pump needs to be stopped. However, an automatic stop function is also available.

This pump is suitable for transferring water and all kinds of non-corrosive liquid and oil. It is also convenient for cleaning a clogged sink and can also transfer (non-drinking) water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids. 

You can also use it to pump water into a clogged sink, or change the water in your aquarium. 


  • Material : PP + PE + Acetal   

  • Total length : 55 cm  

  • Weight : 300 g 

  • Color: Blue, Red  

  • Powered by : 2 x D batteries (not included)  


  • 1 * Electric Liquid Transfer Pump 

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