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Elastic set for sport

Elastic set for sport

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Sports halls are closed and you want to play sports in your home? Don't hesitate to buy these rubber bands!  

Use these elastics to help you lose weight. This set of elastics is suitable for all levels of athletes. You can thus carry out trainings on all the muscular groups.

Elastic set for sport
Elastic set for sport

🔶 Sit back and perform exercises for your legs, glutes, arms, but also your back, chest and shoulders.

🔶 Practice at home or in your office with this set of rubber bands. They fit easily into a full case and can be carried to any location you choose.

However, it is important to know what exercises you can do with your elastics. Train the muscle group that suits you best. The package comes with a special set that includes weights. The weight varies from 4.5 kg to 14 kg!

These ropes have foam handles reinforced with zinc alloy clips and a D-ring. You can use them without fear of injury.  


  • Examples of exercises

  • 2 Soft foam rubber handles

  • 2 Ankle holders

  • 1 Instructions for use

  • 1 door anchor (for easy attachment)

  • Elastic 4,5 kg * - Yellow

  • Elastic 6,8 kg * - Green 

  • Elastic 9,1 kg * - Red

  • Elastic 11,3 kg * - Blue 

  • Elastic 13,6 kg * - Black 

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