Educational Toy Pascal the Prankster Monkey

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Teach your children to count while they play !

This educational game is ideal for children aged 3 years and more, it is an entertaining way to learn the basics of mathematics. With the scale, children will be able to easily understand their meaning, their difference as well as the numbers.

In order for your child to learn the calculations without difficulty, various combinations can be created by playing with them. A little monkey weighs 1 gram and each digit their number, for the number "4", so four monkeys are worth four grams.

Educational Toy Pascal the Prankster Monkey
Educational Toy Pascal the Prankster Monkey
Educational Toy Pascal the Prankster Monkey
Educational Toy Pascal the Prankster Monkey

🔶 Allows children to have a concept about the basics of math from a visual.

🔶 Designed for the intellectual development of your little ones, for preschool classes to play while learning.

🔶Entertaining and contributing to children's education with these fun little animals.

🔶 Great for kids 5 and up (minimum 3 years old but need to be supervised) to have an enhanced competitive spirit.

Game rules :

You win the game if you have 5 cards. To win, each player must solve the problem indicated on the card. The player keeps the card if they successfully solve the problem which is to place the numbers of little monkeys on the scale correctly. 

3 levels available :

LEVEL 1 : recognize the numbers with the green card 

LEVEL 2 : Know how to count with the purple cards.       

LEVEL 3 : Learn how to count for the turquoise cards.    


  • Product type: toy

  • Color: brown, pink

  • Skill training: intelligence development

  • Product size : 17*34cm  

  • Applicable age : 5-14 years

  • Matéria : plastic


  • 19 little monkeys

  • 30 cards (double-sided)                        

  • Numbers 1 to 10

  • 1 scale

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