Double magnetic cable 360

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Would you like to have a multifunction cable that allows you to charge your electronic devices?  

This Double Magnetic Cable 360° has an innovative design and can turn in all angles. You can charge your devices very quickly. This cable is also very flexible.

Double magnetic cable 360
Double magnetic cable 360

🔶 The unique design of this cable allows you a 360 degree rotation. It also allows you to charge all types of devices.

🔶 Thanks to the strong adhesion of the magnet you can charge your phone easier and faster.

This cable has 3 types of adapters. These are compatible with all kinds of devices, including APPLE/ANDROID/TYPE C. It should be noted that the cable only charges your devices.

The USB connector allows you to follow the latest trend in USB interfaces. Interchange its different heads depending on the type of devices you use. 


  • Material: Aluminum alloy           

  • Color: Silver / Black / Red

  • Length: 2 m


  • 1 x Double 360° Magnetic Cable 

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