Door lock for refrigerator

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No more gluttony and unnecessary expenses!

Opt for our excellent fridge door lock for added security! 

Effectively protect your baby or children from injury and unexpected risks when opening the door or drawer. 

Easily install this effective device that requires no tools or drilling.  

Door lock for refrigerator
Door lock for refrigerator

🔶  Use: With ultra-strong 3M adhesive, you can install the lock on your fridge or freezer door. It has two strong steel plates connected by an aircraft grade cable.

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🔶 How it works: each plate measures 8 cm in diameter. Unlock this lock using the key provided and the cable will automatically come off. 

🔶 Compatibility: This lock is versatile. Use it to lock other items: drawer, cabinet, medicine box, and more. It is perfect for office, home or even in hospitals.

How to install 

Step 1: First clean the area where the device will be attached. 

Step 2: Remove the 3M adhesive backing and stick it on while pressing for 5 sec.       

Step 3: Let it rest for 24 hours.                                                               


  • 304 stainless steel door lock 

  • Weight : 175g   

  • Size :  16.0*12.0*3.0 cm  

  • Length cable : 20 cm  

  • Lock cylinder type: keyless knob  

  • Surface Treatment: galvanized 


  • 1 security lock           

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