Dog Molar bite toy

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Your dog is bored at home alone?    

If you're afraid to leave your dog at home because he might get into trouble, put that idea on hold and check out this great rubber dog toy.  

 It not only keeps your dog busy and entertained, but it also protects your household items from being chewed!

Simply stick the suction cup on any flat surface and watch your dog play with the bouncing ball for hours, just like tug of war.   

Your dog will definitely LOVE this special rubber dog molar toy !  

Dog Molar bite toy
Dog Molar bite toy

🔶 Make dogs happier and healthier: This toy is more flexible, strengthen the bite, clean the dog's mouth and prevent diseases. When you go to work or in private, the dog can play alone and avoid loneliness.

🔶 Safe TPR material designed for dogs: Each toy is quality tested and made of a safe and environmentally friendly polymer. It will not damage the dog's teeth, face or body

🔶 Three parts for protection: suction cup, inflatable rubber ball, polymer safety rope. These three factors produce a powerful suction that can accept a sustained value of at least three months for all weight dogs, whether they are tearing or biting.

This chew toy consists of a suction cup and a rubber bouncing ball, which can generate tremendous force on the floor or glass. The sturdy rope is made of high-density material that won't break or hurt your dog. And all the material of the toy is safe and harmless to your pets


  • Material : suction cup (TPR + rubber) 

  • Function : powerful suction cup, molar cleaning, high elastic ball  

  • Lenght : 35 CM / 13.78 pouces  

  • Diameter of the ball : 6,5 cm / 2,56 pouces  

  • Diameter of the base : 10 CM / 3.94 Pouces  


  • 1* suction cup  

  • 1*  Rubber ball    

  • 1* Polymer rope

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