Cordless electric lawnmower

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Are you looking for a clipper that's easy to handle? How can you shape your haircut or beard so easily?  

This mower is easy to hold. It is equipped with a lithium battery with a large capacity of 1000 mAh and does not require a cord.

Cordless electric lawnmower
Cordless electric lawnmower

🔶 It works continuously and without stopping. Only one button is needed to be able to use it. This trimmer has a T-shaped blade made with steel and carbon. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a dry shave for short cuts.

🔶 This rechargeable cordless electric trimmer is suitable for short hair and beards. It effectively cuts up to 0 mm in length and leaves no gaps in the cut. So you can work on the details just like at the barber shop.

Its installation can be done in a few minutes, first put a little water on the surface of the mirror, apply and stick the protective film on the mirror. Then flatten it with a scraper.


  • Color: Black 

  • Quality: professional 

  • Adapter: 5 V ⎓ 1000 mAh

  • Charging time: 2 hrs.

  • Size: 3.3 cm (W) * 15 cm (H)                     


  • 1x Professional Electric Beard Trimmer

  • 3x shoes

  • 1x user guide

  • 1x USB charger (universal) 

  • 1x cleaning brush

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