Cordless Electric Broom

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Want to make cleaning more fun? 

You can make your life easier with this new household tool that revolutionizes home cleaning! 

 With the dual-headed, microfiber self-cleaning mop, you'll clean your home 3 times faster, without having to mop afterward and without having to run your hands through the dirt! 

 This is the only tool that protects your hands and back while cleaning while effectively cleaning your home's floors!

Cordless Electric Broom
Cordless Electric Broom
Cordless Electric Broom
Cordless Electric Broom

🔶 How to use it. Simple and easy to use, spray the microfiber cloths with water and you can start cleaning your floor easily. With this device, you won't need any cleaning products.

🔶 Advantages: broom equipped with two dual spinning heads, it provides 50 minutes cleaning in one charge! Suitable for use on laminate or parquet flooring, effectively polishes and cleans various types of floor surfaces: carpets, tiles, and more. 

Save time

Our Self-Cleaning Broom is designed to be much easier and more convenient than other machines.

With its 106 cm telescopic handle, it allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas compared to traditional brooms and vacuums.

With the help of this broom, you can use it on any type of floor, including delicate surfaces. 


  • Weight: 1580 grammes 

  • Dimensions: 46 * 12 * 20 cm   

  • Voltage: 110 - 220V  

  • Instantaneous output : 2-6V 

  • Charger: 8.41A  

  • Input : AC100  - 240V 50 / 60HZ 0.5A  


  • One Cordless Electric Broom               

  • One Power Adapter

  • Two Cleaning Cloths

  • Two microfiber cloths

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