Converter of vhs files to digital files

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Would you like to have a digital version of your old family videos?

This VHS and DVD converter turns your media into digital media files. Use it to convert your home movies,CD libraries, or favorite movies.

You can capture all types of videos, recorded on any type of media: V8, Hi-8 and more.

Converter of vhs files to digital files
Converter of vhs files to digital files

🔶 This converter also captures audio without a sound card. To do this, plug in an A/V source to capture audio and/or video. The converter keeps all the settings of your video during the transfer.  

🔶 You have the possibility to edit your videos. The converter comes with professional video editing software. The latter includes an editing program suitable for new users. Improve the quality of your old home movies.

This converter supports high quality NTSC and PAL video resolution. 

Features : 

  • Composite A/V input and S-video input    

  • USB 2.0 connector  

  • Power LED indicator  

  • Editing software compatible with Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows XP  


  • 1 x VHS Converter Player                                                               

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