Convenient vacuum-sealed lid

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Do you enjoy cooking for your family but don't know how to store leftovers?  

Make your leftovers taste like the day you made them by vacuum sealing them!

Lightweight and durable, this vacuum sealed lid is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and stackable for easy storage.

The vacuum seal lid keeps food fresher and healthier, so leftover foods can last longer and taste just like the first time. Simply press the lid to turn it on and pull up to turn it off.

Convenient vacuum-sealed lid
Convenient vacuum-sealed lid

🔶 Faster Stacking: This airtight lid allows you to vacuum seal and quickly stack multiple plys in the refrigerator so you can keep your meals organized and easy to find. Made of clear plastic, it's also easy to see what you've stored, reducing food waste!   

🔶 Sous-vide preservation: this high quality lid creates a sous-vide environment for food preservation, keeping the remaining food as fresh as possible. So you can reheat and eat the stored food whenever you want with its original taste.

🔶 Food safe material: vacuum lid is lightweight, durable, BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, stackable and easy to store. The excellent material in it allows the lid to be in direct contact with food and keep with it.


The high quality vacuum sealing lid preserves food with excellent sealing performance. This ensures that stored food does not leak when securely fastened, and it is easy to carry and move. It is an indispensable picnic food storage tool for campign and any other outdoor activity.


  • Material: ABS

  • Color : Black   

  • Weight : 250 g  

  • Size: 15 * 19 * 7.5 cm     


  • 1 * Vacuum sealed lid  

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