Controller video games for IOS Android mobile

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Do you like to play video games on your cell phone? This controller is made for you!

This video game controller allows you to play your favorite video games on Android or IOS . You can play your mobile games using your 4 fingers.


With this controller, you can make multiple gestures such as running and shooting at the same time.  

Controller video games  for IOS Android mobile
Controller video games  for IOS Android mobile

🔶 Convenient game controller: The game controller is easy to hold. It is designed not to slip when the player manipulates it. It is equipped with a built-in battery of 2000 mA h. This battery can be used to recharge your phone.   

🔶 High quality: The controller is made of durable materials that stand the test of time. Each device has been tested to ensure that it not only functions properly, but is also durable.

This controller is suitable for all iPhone or Android phones ranging in size from 4.5 to 6.5 inches. The controller is compatible with games such as shooting games, Fortnite, Survivor Royale, Critical Operations, etc.

A built-in fan allows you to see the overheating of the device, but also of your phone. 


  • Compatibility: iOS and Android cell phones from 4.7 to 6.5 inches  

  • Flip button: 180 degrees  

  • Suitable for various phone sets  


  • 1 Mobile game controller                                                                              

  • 1 User manual  

  • 1 Charging cable    

  • 1 Packaging box

  • 2 Silicone pads 

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