Contour Duplication Gauge

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Work more easily with this essential tool for DIYers!

 Whether you are a carpenter or a coachbuilder, the contour duplication gauge is the ideal solution for you! Don't worry because thanks to this contour duplication tool, you will be able to easily reproduce shapes with exact measurements

This contour duplication tool will allow you to measure the shape of irregular objects.

 It marks precise cuts by creating an instant template. Able to perfectly fit the shape and maintain the pattern.

Easy to use, copying a profile with this tool is so simple. Coachwork, woodworking, sheet metal, stainless steel, or any other duplication work, this tool is perfect. 

Contour Duplication Gauge
Contour Duplication Gauge
Contour Duplication Gauge
Contour Duplication Gauge

🔶 How to use it? Simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour, then follow or trace the shape. It allows you to draw profiles or copy them to another surface easily.

🔶 Useful in what field? Designed for winding pipes, circular frames, conduits, and many objects. It will help you when laying tile, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, and more.

High Compatibility :

Made of high-strength ABS plastic material, high quality, and durable solid plastic material.

Very effective in any duplication or modeling field. 


  • Size: 146 x 105 x 26 mm

  • Measuring range and extension: 0-120 mm

  • Materials: High-quality ABS plastic


  • One Contour Duplication Indicator 

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