Comfortable bra

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Are you looking for a comfortable and practical bra that prevents back pain and does not compress your breasts?  

This seamless bra features a strapless top with lightly padded removable cups and a ribbon front. It's made from a stretchy 90% nylon and 10% elastane fabric, available in black, knotted and white.

In addition to providing a sense of security and comfort, the bra adds feminine charm to your appearance. You can wear the trendy strapless bra with a one-shoulder dress, off-the-shoulder garment, wedding dress, tank top or any other strapless garment.

Comfortable bra
Comfortable bra

🔶 INSTANT LIFTING AND SUPPORT: Gives you instant breast lift and support while increasing your cup size to enhance your appearance, confidence and figure.

🔶 IMPROVES POSTURE: This comfortable bra also corrects poor posture by straightening your back and shoulders to promote long-term muscle memory and preserve their correct position.

🔶 COMFORTABLE: The high performance fabric is highly versatile and breathable that easily wicks away perspiration. It reduces sweating and rashes


This bra lifts instantly and provides ultimate support to the chest against sagging while maintaining an upright posture and seamless look with everything you put on. With this bra, you can say goodbye to underwire, back and shoulder pain, sagging breasts, back bulges, overflow, bra lines, chafing and sagging! It improves posture by straightening the shoulders and pushing the chest forward.


  • Material: Polyester  ;

  • No underwire


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