Chain saw sharpener

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Are the teeth on your chainsaw starting to get dull?

As we know, over time, the performance of chainsaws decreases due to dull teeth and manual sharpening takes a lot of time. This seriously affects our work efficiency.

Our chainsaw chain sharpening tool is made from high quality, durable materials. It is installed inside the sharpener, keeps the chain and guide rod oiled, reducing friction and extending life.

Chain saw sharpener
Chain saw sharpener

🔶 SAFE AND EFFICIENT: Our chainsaw sharpening kit provides a quick and easy method of sharpening the saw chain that can protect your hands from damage.

🔶 EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: Just attach the chainsaw to the two holes of the sharpener, then close and lock the sharpener and gently squeeze the chainsaw, your dull chainsaw will become sharp after 3 to 5 seconds.

🔶 COMPATIBILITY: In order to accommodate different types of hole chains, chainsaw sharpeners are designed with 2 holes for fixed sharpening, one fixed hole and the other mobile, very flexible. This chainsaw sharpening kit is suitable for 14" / 16" / 18" / 20" chains on the market.


This chainsaw chain sharpener is made of premium ABS plastic. It is installed inside the sharpener, keeps the chain and bar oiled, can reduce friction and extend the life.This chainsaw chain sharpener is a very convenient tool that you can carry and use outdoors.


  • Materials: Plastic + Sharpening stone  

  • Size : 21 × 14 × 3cm

  • Weight : 312 g


  • 1 * Sharpening kit for chainsaw          

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