Cervical neck brace

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Does neck pain prevent you from leading a normal life? 

The neck brace is an easy-to-use solution for treating neck pain at home. It is ready to use and its simple, clean design immediately relieves your neck pain. 

This neck traction device is designed to relieve pressure on muscles, nerve tissue and minor fractures in the cervical spine.

Cervical neck brace
Cervical neck brace

🔶 Conception ergonomique : La conception ergonomique peut parfaitement s'adapter à la courbe de votre nuque pour protéger votre cou et d'autres zones sensibles contre une compression et une pression inconfortables, en ajustant librement la traction et la fixation pour un meilleur effet.

🔶 Fatigue Relief Heating Pad : Built-in heating pads provide a fixed warm traction for your neck and cervical spine. They can promote blood circulation to help improve the inflammation of the cervical spine, nerve roots, joint capsules, muscles and other tissues sag, and can also prevent various diseases in the elderly and middle-aged people.

🔶 Fast result : use it in minutes a day to get real results and increase flexibility and range of motion in the comfort of your home. Our cervical traction device provides deep orthopedic relief from neck pain, headaches, stiffness and fatigue.


Self-operated cervical traction kit can provide powerful and comfortable support with easy traction to distract pressure on muscles, nerve tissue and minor fractures of cervical spine, relieve neck pain and numbness, neck deformity pain, headache, dizziness, neck stiffness and fatigue. It is suitable for cervical lordosis, straightening, anti-bow, cervical canal hyperplasia, stenosis pain and other traction corrections.

Features :

  • Materials : PP, sponge 

  • Color : gray + blue (as shown)

Content :

  • 1 * Cervical neck brace       

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