Cell phone charger solar recharge

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Are you often on the road in areas without electricity?

Never run out of battery again! This  portable solar panel charger gives you peace of mind. It gives you the opportunity to charge your electronic devices without the need for electrical outlets!

Cell phone charger solar recharge
Cell phone charger solar recharge
Cell phone charger solar recharge
Cell phone charger solar recharge

🔶 Ideal for outdoor getaways or natural disasters: Its completely waterproof coating allows you to take it with you anywhere. Keep your devices charged, even during a natural disaster.

🔶 Compatible with any device: These solar panels allow you to charge any device: iPhone, smartphone, camera, Android device, Go-Pro, GPS, speakers and more!

🔶 Compact and easy to carry: The solar charger is one of the lightest on the market. Get free solar power in a lightweight and foldable size. Take it everywhere with you!

🔶 Environmentally friendly: the solar panels do not have a battery but rely solely on solar energy. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly


 This portable solar panel is able to automatically adapt to the connected devices to provide them with optimal charging current and minimize the charging time. The charger is safe!


  • Weight: 0.3 KG

  • Panel material: Monocrystalline Silicon

  • Cover material: Waterproof PVC 600d


    (Only the cover material is waterproof)

  • Number of cells : 4

  • Output interface : USB 2.0

  • Output: 6 V * 1.2 A (max)

  • Size unfolded: 545 * 170 * 10 mm

  • Size folded: 170 * 105 * 30 mm


  • 1 * p8W portable solar panel

  • 1 * carabiner (to attach to backpacks)         

  • 1 * standard USB charging cable

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