Cat Scratch Guard

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Tired of seeing your sofa damaged by your cat's claws?

We all know that cats have a tendency to destroy furniture and walls in the house, which is very frustrating. It is very important to find an effective and easy way to save your sofa and upholstered chairs from your pet's fabric destroying claws.

Our cat scratch guard is high quality, soft, thick and flexible, and it can be held securely in place on upholstered furniture with the included threaded rods. You can use it on any upholstered furniture of your choice, which encourages your cat to take care of his claws without damaging your furniture. But it is not recommended for leather because of the pins.

Protection anti-rayures pour chat
Protection anti-rayures pour chat

🔶 INVISIBLE TRANSPARENT PROTECTION: This sofa protection is 100% transparent and blends in well with furniture, providing almost invisible protection. Plus, it won't ruin the look of the sofa.

🔶 MAXIMUM FURNITURE PROTECTION: The cat sofa protector works on all upholstered furniture. Whether it's a sofa, chair, rug or love seat, this product can protect them from cat scratches.

🔶 EASY TO INSTALL: You can easily attach the durable vinyl to your upholstery by following the instructions and using the screws you receive for free at the time of purchase. The threaded pins are quick and easy to remove so they can be reused.



Cat scratch guards

are made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, soft and transparent vinyl. It is harmless to the bodies of people and pets. Plus, it's thick enough to prevent scratches and soft enough to fit the contours of your furniture.



  • Size  S : 39 x 14 cm

  • Size  M : 47 x 15 cm

  • Size  L : 30 x 45 cm

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