Car storage row

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Tired of clutter in your car? Use this storage net to better organize the interior of your vehicle. 

This 2-sleeve net allows you to store different types of accessories. You can keep them stored in this pocket as you wish.     

Car storage row
Car storage row

🔶 This net is also ideal to prevent your kids or pet from coming to the front of your car. So it can be used as a barrier , but also as a protection for your children. 🔶 It is made of a very elastic material: thickened polyester fiber. It can be extremely stretched and fixed on your seats through hooks. You can place it on the driver's seat or on different parts of the car. 

With an easy installation, this net is fixed with only 4 hooks. You just have to place them on the parts of your vehicle. This net is suitable for all types of vehicles.  Features:

  • Material: Nylon net   

  • Suitable for: Magazines / Drinks / Various items   

  • Car Storage Bag 


  • 1 x Elastic Car Net

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