Car Protective Wax

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Do you want to give your car more shine?

The cleaning wax is designed to be the one-step plan for paint preservation. It is formulated to clean and protect in one application.

The wax cleaner is particularly effective on fiberglass and gel coatings. It is easy to apply and long lasting. The product forms a protective barrier against environmental and chemical pollutants, maintains gloss, clarity, and can last for months.

Car Protective Wax
Car Protective Wax

🔶 Material: this product adopts biological polymerization technology, fully utilizes the biomolecular characteristics of silicone resin, wax and acrylic silicon fluorine, incorporates nanotechnology, adds ASF polymer, adjusts the molecular polymerization structure and gives full play to the molecular extension characteristics, forms a curing layer on the surface of automotive paint.

🔶 Functional: it can effectively restore the shine of the new car and last for several months! In all weather conditions, the car can effectively resist acid rain caused by severe environmental pollution and air erosion on the car paint, making the car paint shiny like new.

🔶 Scope: Surface maintenance of automobiles, airplanes, ships, trains, motorcycles, fiberglass reinforced plastics, plastics, stainless steel, galvanized coatings, polished aluminum products, furniture, and any painted object.


Use a professional waxing sponge to pick up an appropriate amount of wax and apply a thin layer in a circle and apply it piece by piece. Wait 5 minutes for the paint surface wax to dry and produce a white wax mist, use a professional wax towel to wipe 0.5 square meters with appropriate force until the paint surface has a shiny protective film effect.


  • Ingredients: imported palm and silicone resin as main raw materials

  • Capacity : 250ml


  • 1 * Car Protection Wax 

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