Car interior moulding trim

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Does your car door make a lot of noise when you close it? Does your car door leak when it rains?  

This car door weatherstrip is a new universal car and truck sealant used to replace other D, P, Z and O type strips. This B-shaped design is more durable and flexible. 

This weatherstripping improves your car's seal, allowing for tighter door seals and reduced wind noise when driving at high speeds. It has excellent permanent sound deadening compression resistance for maximum life and vibration absorption. 

Have a great family trip, make your car more waterproof to protect it from dust, raindrops and fog!    

Car interior moulding trim
Car interior moulding trim

🔶 PHONIC ISOLATION: This bisector helps reduce noise and wind when you drive your car at high speed. 

🔶 WATERPROOFING: Make your car more waterproof to protect it from dust, raindrops and fog.

🔶 SAFE MATERIAL: This weatherstrip is made with durable, non-toxic, thick and flexible rubber, bendable to resist compression.


This high quality weatherstrip seals the gap between car door, body, sunroof, hood, roof bar, etc. It improves driving comfort on the highway. This door insulator has excellent compression set resistance for maximum life and vibration absorption.


  • Material: Natural rubber

  • Color: Black

  • Size: 12 mm (Width) x 6 mm (Thickness)

  • Weight: 25 g  


  • 1 * Car door weatherstripping 

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