Car Headlight Cleaner

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Did you know that foggy headlights can limit visibility by up to 95% and dim lighting by up to 90% ?

Cleaning with soap and water is only a temporary protection, this headlight cleaner is a permanent solution to keep them clean and clear.  

It is specially designed to clean headlights. It has a super hydrophobic glass coating that acts as a barrier layer on the surface of headlights and effectively removes haze and corrosion from lenses.   

It protects them from aging, fading, weathering, sun erosion, acid rain, industrial dust and pollution.   

car headlight cleaner
car headlight restoration
headlight polish

🔶 Super Power Protection: It helps to extend the life of the car's lighting. It is ideal for repairing and renovating headlights and protecting new lighting parts.

🔶 Excellent headlight brightener: This headlight cleaner restores the flow and beam of light resulting in improved clarity and visibility.

🔶 Safe and non-toxic: This cleaner is made from high quality substances that are non-toxic and safe for you and your car.

This headlight cleaner can also be applied to protect your car's paint from the car's aging factors namely scratches, stains, UV rays, rain, dust. It has a pH tolerance of pH2-12 which restores the shine of your car while protecting it 100%. In addition, it is easy and quick to apply. 


  • 1.Clean the vehicle's headlights  

  • 2. Use the vehicle's headlights.  

  • 3. Sand lightly.   

  • 4. Scrub until all stains are gone  

  •  5. Let it dry  

  • 6. Wipe clean with powerful car headlight cleaner.  


  • Content : 30 ML  

  • Time : 3 years 

  • Coating thickness : 30 um

  • Type : Liquid ceramic coating for cars                             

  • Non-corrosive: pH tolerance: PH2-12. 


  • 1 Car Headlight Cleaner       

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