Car Defroster Heating Fan

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Quickly warm up your car's interior before you hit the road!

Simply plug the heater into your cigarette lighter socket and it's ready to use immediately. Handy, light, it is a precious ally during the cold season! But not only...

This defrosting car heater can be used in two ways: set as a personal heater to stay warm in wintertime and set as an air cooler to stay cool in summertime.

It is the only one in its category that can do this.

Car Defroster Heating Fan
Car Defroster Heating Fan
Car Defroster Heating Fan
Car Defroster Heating Fan

🔶  Composition and option: this unit is made of high-quality plastic: strong and heat resistant. This prevents the unit from overheating. Heating the air in your vehicle and cooling at the same time.

🔶 How to use it: Simple and easy to use. Just plug it into your car's 12V outlet and turn it on. It is used for defogging your windshield and also during the hot summer to cool down your car interior.

What is special about it?

lt has a quiet, brushless mechanism and works almost without wear and tear for a long-lasting ventilation function.

It has a ball-jointed support stand for perfect positioning on the dashboard.

Equipped with three ventilation holes to cover more space in your car. Attachable with double-sided tape or non-slip mat. Allows 180° rotating adjustment freely. 


  • Package size : 18 x 14.3 x 9.1 cm   

  • Weight: 350 grammes  


  • 1 * Car Defroster Heating Fan

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