Car Dashcam Full HD 1080 p

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In case of accident, need a way to resort to your rights, use our Dashcam car full hd 1080p! 

Thanks to this Dashcam car full hd 1080p with you, you will be able to bring the indisputable proof that you are not at fault during an accident on the road. 

No need to have endless debates when filling out the report and blame each other, the camera recorder will become your ally and will be an indisputable way!    

armor all dashboard camera
dash cam
Car Dashcam Full HD 1080 p

🔶 SIMPLE USE : Easy to put on your windshield : just fix it with its suction cup and you will be able to film all your movements !

🔶 EFFECTIVENESS:In court, supported by a European finding, this video will be a major asset to win your case!  

🔶WHAT'S THE POINT!You have the right to film freely just like with a cell phone. However, publicly broadcasting faces without blurring them before is prohibited.   


 With this camera, you will be protected in case of accidents or attempted assault. It is also suitable for saving the license plate of a driver 


  • Automatic recording in case of impact  

  • 2.4 inch LCD screen (16:9) 

  • Digital Zoom x4  

  • Wide angle lens  

  • Video formats : AVI, MPEG-4  

  • Cigarette lighter connection. .  

  • Full HD HDMI port 

  • Resolution 1080p FULL HD, 500 Megapixels  

  • Compatible Micro-SD card 8, 16, 32 GB  


  • Car Charger    

  • USB Cable (0,60m)  

  • A suction cup holder                                        

  • English manual 

  • A Dashcam  

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