Camping lantern 3 in 1 Led flame effect

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You are going camping for a few days and you are looking for an economical and unobtrusive lamp? 

This camping lantern has a multi-functional 3-in-1 design. Not only does it offer 2 lighting modes, the white LED light and the attractive flickering flame light, but it is also a super powerful flashlight.

It is easy to use, just pull up to turn on and retract to turn off or change modes. 

Twice as bright as the old technical lanterns and offering 360° illumination, this lantern is enough to easily light a tent, caravan, boat, garage or shed  

Camping lantern 3 in 1 Led flame effect
light camping led

🔶 LIGHT FOLDING: Superior design and construction make our lantern super light and compact. Two retractable handles for easy storage and hanging, you can place it on the ground, hold it in your hand, hang it on branches, tent, etc.

🔶 LONG LIFE: This lantern has been designed with a long life. It can stay on for 5 hours without being turned off.

🔶 WATERPROOF : This 3 in 1 lantern is fully waterproof. You can perfectly take it with you in the rain when you are in the forest.

Extended application

This portable camping lantern has an ultra-bright flashlight. Ideal as a work light, reading light or for blackouts and power outages. It is also an excellent emergency lighting kit for the car. It is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing and all outdoor activities


  • Power : 3 AA batteries (not included)  

  • Colour :  Black, Gold, Blue    

  • Autonomy : 12 hours

  • Weight: 0.25 kg  


  • * 3 in 1 multifunctional lantern       

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